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Exclusive Content.



You are not alone. Whether you are a career professional, leader, or entrepreneur, it is a well-known fact that people in these roles often feel lonely or misunderstood.

People don't understand the passion, the drive, and intensity with which you approach everything.

It would help if you had a community that understands your unique approach to life. 

You and I know that free social media is not the safest place to express your perspective or ideas.


The WaarRoom community is an ad-free and troll-free social community where you can engage with others like yourself who are pursuing life to its fullest.



We hope to inspire people to get out of their rut and do something meaningful. Purposeful. To reach and experience their full potential.

We can be so busy. Life is just that way sometimes. To stay on top of our game, we need to find meaningful spaces and sources of inspiration and encouragement.

Studies have shown that free social media platforms, with all the vitriol, ads, spam, trolling, and security issues, directly affect their users' mental health negatively. We often log off these platforms feeling angry, depressed, or frustrated.

The WaarRoom Community will be the exact opposite.

In the community, we encourage and teach you to build confidence in yourself to become the best version of yourself.

We will discuss relevant topics and ideas to help you design your life and purpose as a successful entrepreneur, professional, leader, and person.

Our goal is that each time you engage in the community, you feel inspired in some way.

Exclusive Content


It seems everyone is talking about inclusivity these days. Often, there is a good reason for it. We will live in challenging times. It is vital to make sure everyone feels included.


But it is still OK to have exclusive spaces. Helpful spaces where we engage, learn and grow. Tailored to our specific needs based on the unique way we approach our lives.


When you become a member of the WaarRoom, you become part of an exclusive group that desires to rise above the rhetoric and engage ideas with action.


On the other side of a low fee paywall, you will get exclusive:

  • Member's Only, ad-free podcasts

  • Member's Only, video content

  • Member's Only, free resources

  • Member's Only, early and discounted access to resources, training, and events

  • Live chat's with Keith Waara

  • Daily Affirmations and reflections

  • Community with other's like yourself

It is guaranteed to be spam-free, ad-free, and troll-free.


The low fee paywall (starts at $5.00 per month) allows us to create exclusive content and free resources. Additionally, it keeps the community safe and healthy, unlike the free platforms.


You can join for FREE for 30 days to check it out. Just use the code WAARROOM when you sign up.


So if this sounds like something you want to check out, click here, and we will see you in the WaarRoom Community.