How to Develop Wisdom Before You’re Too Old to Benefit from It

Updated: Apr 15

You might be pretty smart, but are you wise? An intelligent person knows facts, and a wise person knows truths. A smart person can find a resolution to a problem. A wise person evades the problem altogether.

They say that wisdom comes with age, but who wants to wait that long?

It would be better to become wise as soon as possible. While experience matters, there are other ways to boost your wisdom to King Solomon levels.

Use these tactics to start becoming wiser today:

1. Read books

Books are one of the best ways to gain wisdom swiftly and at a young age. Smart people like to write books. No-so-smart people like to write books, too. So, be picky about the books you choose.

  • These intelligent people condense the information they think is most important into a few hundred pages that you can learn in a short period of time. It took a lifetime of experience and education, and you can access it all in less than a month. What a deal!

2. Find a mentor

A mentor is an expert in an area of interest to you. A mentor can help you with your relationships, fitness, career, or any other specialized facet of life. The right mentor has a lot to share and can significantly add to your wisdom.

3. Examine your past for mistakes

Your mistakes have a lot to teach you. We don’t like to think about our mistakes, but you might as well gain all the benefits from them that you can. A mistake is just a step in your evolution.

  • Most of your mistakes could have been circumvented. Think about how you could have prevented your mistakes from happening in the first place. Analyze them one by one and reflect on the outcomes.

  • Most of your mistakes could have been handled better after the fact, too. Again, review all of your mistakes and consider what you could have done versus what you did.

4. Examine your past for successes

You’ve had many successes, too. But, you probably didn’t learn as much from them as you could have. Review your successes. What did you do right? Can you do that again?

5. Evaluate each day

Spend 20-30 minutes at the end of each day and see what you can learn from your day.

  • Did you spend your time well?

  • What mistakes did you make?

  • What did you do well?

  • What could you have done better?

  • How can you have a better day tomorrow?

6. Learn from the mistakes of others

You can also learn from the mistakes of others. Everyone around you is making mistakes. Feel free to examine the mistakes of other people and learn from them. Everyone’s mistakes can be of value to you.

“It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt of it.”― Maurice Switzer, Mrs. Goose, Her Book

7. Think

Think before you speak, agree, or respond. When something out of the ordinary happens, think. Not enough people take the time to pause and think before responding. A little thinking can avoid many challenges.

Older people have many years of experience and knowledge. However, often you hear them say, “I wish I had known this when I was younger.”

Luckily, you can learn many things while you’re still young enough to benefit from them. You can start becoming wiser today. You don’t have to spend a lifetime making mistakes to become a wise person.

Learn from your experiences and the experiences of others. Read great books from reputable authors. Find an invaluable mentor. Being intentional can pay off for a lifetime.

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