7 Ways to Manage Brain Fog

Updated: Apr 15

Everyone has a slight brain fog on occasion. But, if you're regularly suffering from a severe case of brain fog, there are steps you can take. Brain fog can be frustrating and significantly limit your productivity and creativity.

There are steps you can take to reduce or even eliminate brain fog. Try these tips and see just how clear-headed you can actually be.

Practice these techniques to maximize your mental clarity and boost your productivity:

1. Exercise your body and your brain

Your brain and your body need a workout each day. Have you ever noticed that you feel better and think more clearly after a moderate bout of exercise? Plan some mental and physical activity into your daily schedule.

  • Mental exercise can be as simple as working on a few brain puzzles or math problems.

  • Physical exercise doesn't have to be demanding, but it can help push yourself enough that you're breathing hard.