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I am a curious person.


One time I was being interviewed for a new executive role. The hiring executive asked if he could contact my former boss as a reference. I agreed.


A few days later, the interviewer called me back to present an offer to me. I asked him what my previous boss said about me. 


The interviewer responded, "when I asked him, "what's one thing I should know about you?" He replied, "be prepared; Keith always wants to know why. He needs to understand before he commits."


This curiosity has caused me frustration, but for the most part, it has been the virtue that has moved me forward in every aspect of my life. Both personally and professionally.


This insatiable curiosity has propelled me to pursue an unorthodox journey in life. I have worked in global development to the music business to sci-fi collectibles.


I have experienced the worst and the best humanity.


The WaarRoom Podcast is for curious like-minded individuals. Those want to know 'why' when it comes to the most inspiring, challenging, and controversial topics.


In each episode, you and I will learn something new. Something about ourselves. Something about others. Something about what it means to be human.


Stay curious, my friends.

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